Thunderstorm Scientist

Hi! I am a PhD Graduate from the University of Queensland and Australian Bureau of Meteorology. My dissertation explored the climatological and meteorological aspects of sea breeze interactions with warm-season thunderstorms in South East Queensland, Australia, and is available for open access here. I have contributed to field campaigns and institutions in Australia and internationally, and have completed a Humboldt Fellowship in Bonn, Germany. Currently I am a thunderstorm scientist at the Bureau of Meteorology, Radar Science and Nowcasting Team. Here I work on improving the prediction of severe thunderstorms through observations.

Highlights of my research includes:

My research has been funded by the UQ Atmospheric Observations Research Group, School of SEES, ROAMES, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Guy Carpenter, Earth Observing Laboratory at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research, the University of Melbourne, National Environmental Science Program, Monash University, ARC Climate Extremes, Humboldt Foundation, Western University and KIT University.



Radar Science and Nowcasting Group

Bureau of Meteorology

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Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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